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"We are warking very hard for the
promotion of the people."

SAI TECHNOLOGY will contineue to grow
and develpp seeking to be a world class food
and lifestyle services creating company that
provides the mankind with health and joy of
life and spearheads the trend of information,
glovalization and speciallization


Micro Laser Projector
Lemoptix develops "plug- and-play" laser-based pro jection
head systems, suited for integration in current or future
ndoor or outdoor...

Head Up Display
Head Up Display for vehicles (HUD: Head Up Display) A device
that helps drivers check without the need to turn heri eyes by
using a lighting confi guration that provieds informaion in front
of drivers so that safety and convenience are improved.

3D Depth Camera
3D Depth Camera technology erceiving the informaion of
subjects in depth.

Main Products

Cash counting machine
Receives cash bus withou intervention of
related persons.
Aims to secure transparedncy in cash dealing,...

LED Desk Lamp
Specialized items for learning using tabled LED lighting Mutual response between users and products about the concept of products...

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