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Bus fare counting machine
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Bus fare counting machine
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Bus fare counting machine
* City Bus Fare Adjusment System
Overview of city bus fare adjusment system
· Unmanned cash fare receiving and settlement in city bus
· A product to secure transparency in cash income
* Conceptual Diagram of City Bus Fare Adjusment System
Bus fare counting machine
Bus fare counting machine
* Features of cash computing system
·The most critical requirement of bus fare settlement system is processing speed for coins and notes.
- The technology of this company allows processing coins (up to 20 coins) or notes within 1 second, and the safety and
- performance of the system has been proved since it was installed in Gwangju city buses in 2007.
·The system distinguishes faulty coins and discharges them through the outlet.
·Collected data is encrypted and transmitted to local government servers in real time.
* Parts Name and Description on Control Panel
Bus fare counting machine
* Software
Cash fare information management program
Cash fare information includes cash fare process information, cash income information by transportation companies, service information & income information by routes, and service information & income information by buses. Therefore, the program serves such information to relevant organizations and bus companies and secures income transparency, so that the information can be utilized as statistical information required to establish public transportation policies by relevant organizations, and to make business decision by bus companies.
Menu Function
Information by company Total statistics for a company income
Information by bus - Income information for a relevant bus
- Service information for a relevant bus
(Service time, depot arrival & departure information, boarding capacity, etc.)
Information by route - Income for a relevant route
- Service information for a relevant route (driving bus, boarding capacity, etc.)
* Effectiveness of Automatic Cash Computing System
Introducing automatic cash computing system provides not only effective management in cash income and bus services, but also secured information required to establish transportation policies and effects to increase cash income.
Bus fare counting machine
What is automatic cash computing system for city bus?

How can we achieve transparent management
for cash income from city buses?

This product has been developed to solve such issue,and provides solutions to settle the cash income
without intervention from third-party and to receivecash fare paid by passengers transparently.



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